Adult Coaching

We offer a variety of Adult Coaching, from Beginners to Liveball (aimed at advanced players), with either PAYG, or short 6 week courses.  Have a read through the options below to find the right group for you.

PAYG sessions are £6ph for members, £7ph for non members, short courses are paid for in advance.


Tennis Xpress – Player Profile

I am completely new to tennis or haven’t had much experience playing. I need to learn the fundamentals and I’m not comfortable rallying just yet. I look forward to improving once I’ve learned the basics!

Thursday 6.30-7.30pm

Adult Improvers – Player Profile

I have completed a Tennis Xpress course or have played a little previously. I feel I’m improving, I’ve got the basics and can rally as long as the ball isn’t hit too hard at me.  Serving is a challenge and reading the ball still needs practice, but I’ve got the bug!

Monday 7-8pm Ladies

Monday 8-9pm Mixed

Adult Improvers/Intermediates

– Player Profile

I have been playing for a while now and am feeling more confident rallying, even when the ball is hit a little harder at me. I can change the direction of my shots and understand tactical situations and positioning better than I used to. I am confident playing both doubles and singles, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and, while I don’t always look forward to serving, I can get the ball over and in, and sometimes surprise myself!

Wednesday 9.30-11.30am

Cardio Tennis – Player Profile

I enjoy keeping fit and love working out to music. My tennis can be hit & miss sometimes – I would consider myself an Improver or Intermediate player, but mostly I like to have fun and run around a lot!

Monday 8-9pm

Adult Intermediates – Player Profile

I enjoy the competitive side of tennis more now and like hitting the ball harder and seeing the effect of my shots. I have at least one weapon and know how to use it to my advantage. I’m reasonably confident playing in any tactical position and my serve is generally reliable and often effective. I sometimes also play outside of coaching sessions in the singles ladder or attend Club Morning/Evening.

Monday 7-8pm

Friday 10am-11am

Liveball – Player Profile

I am a confident club tennis player and play competitively at least once per week. I often play matches for the club or play in the singles ladder to satisfy my competitive cravings!

Monday 8-9pm