Tennis for Juniors and Parents

Here at Bishop’s Stortford we our proud to be able to offer a programme of tennis activities that appeal to kids of all ages and abilities.  Whether tennis is their first, second, third or new sport, we will have activities for them.  The more your child’s tennis improves, the more involved they will want to become in more of these activities!

Social Tennis for both Junior and Parent Members

If you’re interested in the social side of tennis, we have a weekly social dedicated to juniors, and we encourage the parents to dust off their rackets and join in too!  Saturdays from 5pm.

Coaching and Matches

We cater for group and one-to-one coaching, and for the more experienced juniors we run world class performance squads.  What better way to put the coaching into practise than to play matches.  For children of all ages, we provide several ways in which they can play matches against similarly skilled children – to gain experience against children within the club, and when they have the experience, against children from other tennis clubs across the County.

Parent volunteers run the teams and if your child is interested in playing matches please email Natalie.

Club Tournaments

We run a monthly Tournament Program for Juniors, £5 entry fee, Sundays from 2pm;

16th February – Qatar Open
15th March – Indian Wells Open
26th April – Monte Carlo Masters
10th May – Italian Open
14th June – Queens Junior Club
5th July – Queens Junior Club
13th September – US Open
11th October – Shangai Masters
15th November – ATP Finals

These tournaments are for all levels and abilities, they are great fun and sociable and a way to put into practice what is learnt at coaching. If your child has not participated before and you have any questions, please speak to your child’s coach, or email Natalie.

To book a place please use the Paypal link;

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Group Coaching Sessions

Group coaching sessions are a great way for children to improve their tennis technique quickly in a fun and engaging environment.  Our sessions run termly, and for each group there is a session at the same time each week, run by one of our coaches.

The groups are organised according to the LTA’s Mini Tennis development framework, which is summarised here for you:
– Red Ball Tennis.  If your child is aged 8 and under, they will play on mini tennis courts with red balls that are designed to be the easiest to play with, having 25% of the bounce of a regular tennis ball.
– Orange Ball Tennis.  If your child is aged 8-9 they will play on shortened tennis courts with orange balls, that have 50% of the bounce of a regular tennis ball.
– Green Ball Tennis.  If your child is aged 9-10 they will play on full tennis courts with green balls, having 75% of the bounce of a regular tennis ball.
– Yellow Ball Tennis.  If your child is aged 11 and over, they will play on full tennis courts with adult tennis balls.

For more information about mini tennis please click on the link below.

This development framework is so important as it allows the children to play against similarly skilled players both inside and outside our tennis club, always helping them to improve as quickly as possible.

Please contact administration@bsltc.co.uk if you would like more information, have a question, or are ready to get your child involved!