Court Etiquette

Dress code

Appropriate sports clothing is expected to be worn as this will enable you to play to the best of your ability. It is recommended that you wear trainers specifically designed for tennis as this will help you to avoid injury and also ensure that the courts aren’t damaged. We also ask members to ensure their shoe tags/keyrings are clearly displayed at all times.

Booking Courts

We operate a court booking system for members as well as Pay & Play.

Club Nights

Club Nights are on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the ’7 before 7′ rule is applied to players on Courts 7 and 8 i.e. if there are players waiting, a total of 7 games are played. After 7 pm however, players are to play a short set, tie-break at 5:5. Club night players do not have priority on Courts 9,10 and 11 until 6 pm in the summer and 7 pm during the winter months.  We also have a Late Night Club Night on Tuesdays which starts at 8pm.

Visitor Fees

Members may play with non-members, but we would ask you to collect a visitors fee (Adults – £5.00; Juniors – £2.50) and pass the money over to our Administrator Natalie, or directly to the bar staff at the Charles Edward Pavilion . Please note guests are limited to 3 visits per year.


There is currently no charge for the use of floodlights (cost are built into membership fees). The astro court floodlights are switched on in the cupboards on the path running alongside the lower courts. The clay court floodlights are switched on in the boxes adjacent to the entrance gate nearest the garage. If no-one is waiting for a court, members should switch off the lights when they have finished their match. The lights will automatically go off at around 10pm as this is a local requirement from the council. If they are not actually switched off at that time they will re-ignite in the afternoon and we will go on to a higher electricity tariff.

Clay Courts

Access to the clay courts is via a padlock which also open the grass courts. The combinations are changed periodically. To obtain the current combination, please ask any one of the coaches or ground staff. The clay courts are closed during the winter months (December to March) for maintenance. All members are required to sweep the clay courts after use as it is both polite to the next players and ensures that it minimises the damage to the courts.

Pavilion Keys

Keys can be purchased for £5 for the grass court pavilion and courts and the tennis pavilion from Kath McConnell.