Parking Eye

ParkingEye is in operation in our car park.  Members should submit their car registration to to enable unrestricted parking whilst on site.

Dress code

Appropriate sports clothing is expected to be worn as this will enable you to play to the best of your ability. It is recommended that you wear trainers specifically designed for tennis as this will help you to avoid injury and also ensure that the courts aren’t damaged.  When playing on the hard courts please wear trainers suitable for this surface.

Booking Courts

We operate a court booking system for members as well as Pay & Play (£10 per hour outside, £15 per hour in the bubble).  Either use the Court Booking page above or download the Booker App.  Club organised sessions and coaching are already booked.  When booking a hard court you will be issued a pin code for access.

Club Social Sessions

Club Sessions are for any member to turn up and play, to mix in with whoever else is there.  We offer daytime sessions and also Club Sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Full details in the Court Timetable below.

Club Tournaments

The Club runs at least two Tournaments each year, an annual Open Tournament as well as the Harold Hope Stone Tournament which marks the opening of our grass courts.  Monthly Junior Tournaments also take place.

Tennis Rungs

Tennis Rungs is included in Adult Memberships, it is a singles based match App which allows you to challenge other members of a similar level to a match.  Email Natalie if you would like to join.

Social Events

Please see the Events page under Social. As a Club we believe that the social aspect of the Club is important to bring our members together, as well as help to raise money and maintain the facilities.

Wimbledon Ballot

To participate in the annual Club Wimbledon Ticket Draw you must be a member of BSLTC, be a British Tennis Member and have opted-in on the LTA website.

Visitor Fees

Members may play with non-members, but we would ask you to pay the visitors fee of £5, this can be transferred to BSLTC Current Acc 67769640, 60-02-36. Please note guests are limited to 3 visits per year.


As from 1st November we will be charging for floodlights after 5pm at a cost of 50p/30 mins, there is a 4 hour cancellation period. The astro court floodlights are switched on in the cupboards on the path running alongside the lower courts by Court 8. The hard court/bubble floodlights are switched on in the grey box by the entrance. If no-one is waiting for a court, members should switch off the lights when they have finished their match. The lights will automatically go off at around 10pm as this is a local requirement from the council. If they are not actually switched off at that time they will re-ignite in the afternoon and we will go on to a higher electricity tariff.

Court Timetable