If you’ve broken a string or fancy bringing your racket back to life with a restring then Magic, Sam or Pete are able to offer a variety of different options to best suit your game. Along with the type of string it also worth discussing the optimal racket tension to maximise your performance and they will be able to advise you on all of the various options available to you.

String options

£15 – If you provide your own strings

£20 – Synthetic Gut or Polyester

£25 – Premium Polyester or Blend of Strings

Private Coaching

All four of our coaches offer private coaching:

Magic – Level 4 – £32.50ph

07572 433359

Pete – Level 4 – £32.50ph

07771 658594

Sam – Level 3 – £30ph

07956 811096

Harry – Level 3 – £25ph

07496 554526