Court updates

We are currently working very hard to improve the club facilities for all members and the vision is as follows:

We have received 4 quotes for the 5 astro courts and in the very near future the club will need to make a decision on the surface or surfaces that these will be converted into, finance is a factor in what we can achieve with these courts. The aim is to have these courts resurfaced and ready for the summer season on matches (April/May 2018) along with the ‘Kids Zone’ as that will all be part of the same project.

The clay courts are a more complex project as at present we require funding from the LTA to install the seasonal bubble and this requires us to work with another tennis provider to access the money. A bid will be submitted at the end of February and then we will await to see if we have been successful. The project timeline if successful with the LTA is to have the clay courts resurfaced during August and the bubble in place for October 2018.

There are several hurdles to overcome and there will be regular updates provided to the membership as decisions will need to be made by the club members.

If you would like any further information then please feel free to speak to one of the committee members.