New Court Booking System

As you will be aware, the club has been working very closely with the LTA to secure funding to resurface the clay courts and install a seasonal bubble and indoor courts. We have met with LTA representatives who are very impressed with the work the club has undertaken so far towards making this project a reality. However, we now need to provide evidence that our courts are being utilised fully and that we have a genuine need for additional covered courts.

To ensure we meet these requirements and fully demonstrate the club’s need for covered courts, we have put in place a new Court Booking procedure.  Effective 1st September 2018, all members will need to follow the new booking procedure outlined below: 



How do I book a court?

I appreciate that this is a big change for our members and anticipate that there may be a few initial teething problems.  However, it is imperative that we collect the necessary data for the LTA in order to support our bid, and if successful we will have an effective booking system in place for the indoor courts.

We will also be offering a ‘pay and play’ option for the general public during quiet times as this strengthens our bid and the hope is that we can then convert those individuals into full club members.